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Why and how Civinc creates value:


Whether it’s a new strategy, a large transformation, a culture roadmap or a D&I policy, success depends on:


Truly involving a diverse workforce is difficult. Roadblocks are plentiful:


Civinc is an innovative ‘pressure cooker’ that invites employees to safely open up and exchange perspectives on key themes, while capturing the sentiment and ideas that emerge using AI.

It’s a unique way to achieve engagement, mutual understanding and insight into the true sentiment: the ingredients that drive successful transformations and an inspired workforce.


Civinc sprung from ‘’ (‘why do you vote), a platform to ‘burst bubbles’ ahead of the Dutch elections in 2017, 2021 and 2023. It matched voters with contrasting party preferences in anonymous, one on one chats and prompted them to discuss salient political issues with someone from ‘the other side’. The goal was to facilitate safe dialogue, combat polarization and increase mutual understanding amongst voters with different beliefs.

The results of three successive editions have been incredible. Hundreds of thousands of voters from across the political spectrum flocked to the platform to engage in dialogue. Countless users from left to right attested to the fact that this type of dialogue allowed them to open up, respectfully exchange views, and seek common ground. Multiple scientific studies confirmed that even short chat conversations had a depolarizing effect and increased the willingness to engage in (future) dialogue across the ailse.

This experience convinced Leon, Ruben and Jochem in 2021 to let all else go and commit to founding Civinc (‘Civic Inclusion’) with the aim to further develop the method to deliver value for organizations. The result is an enterprise solution at the cutting edge of employee engagement and sentiment analysis, informed by many of the lessons learned of the original platform.

The Civinc Foundation

The Civinc Foundation, a separate non-profit entity that sprung from, continues to stimulate the public and electoral debates in the Netherlands with Civi(n)c tooling. The latest example thereof is ‘Bubbel Chat’, a spin-off application that enables people in the Nehterlands to continuously discuss political current affairs with peers outside of their bubble. Moreover, the Civinc foundation strives to contribute to facilitating research in the field of (de)polarisation and democratization in general. If you would like to know more, reach out to or

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