A selection of our work and stories

Enabling dialogue on gender equity for International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Vopak was looking for a way to really involve colleagues in meaningful dialogue on the theme of gender equity. Vopak hosted an inspiring webinar for hundreds of colleagues from five different countries, and asked Civinc to ensure that it had a truly interactive and engaging character for the participants.

‘Bubble trouble’: how bad is polarisation in the Netherlands really?

New research shows that no less than 75% of Dutch people are concerned about polarisation and feel that differences of opinion on social issues are increasing. The cause is sought in deteriorating manners, a ‘hardening’ of the debate, and the infamous (filter) bubbles. Luckily, there is an antidote.

High School students with conflict(ing) views

For the course ‘Drama and Speech’ at the Hyperion Lyceum Amsterdam, teachers Fenny, Anahi and Lorentine were looking for an innovative way to get 120 students to discuss an exciting theme: ‘Conflict’.


Creating a tool for pan-European exchange between vocational students

ROC Noorderpoort

Civinc spurs healthy debate on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion amongst +/- 100 professionals from ROC Noorderpoort: “With the Civinc platform our colleagues with the most diverging opinion got to exchange thoughts on key issues”

ROC van Amsterdam

350 students from ROC van Amsterdam (VET-education) burst their bubble with Civinc