The platform built to burst bubbles

Civinc combines the dynamic exchange of perspectives with the insights you need for better informed decisions, policies or classes

Design sessions tailored to your goals, with our guidance

Set Goals

Work with our team to determine your goals for a Civinc session


Together we determine the topic and the content, by formulating thought-provoking statements and questions that guide the conversations

Design sessions tailored to your goals, with our guidance


Decide when and where the Civinc session will take place: as a stand-alone event, as part of a workshop, or integrated into a regular meeting/class  

Facilitate exchange of ideas and perspectives


Launch a session where tens, hundreds, or even thousands of participants go online to the Civinc platform and enter a unique session code


Switch statements or discussion partners to burst bubbles and create dynamic, rich perspective exchanges!

Burst bubbles and connect perspectives

Match & chat

Participants respond to statements and are matched real-time in anonymous, one-on-one chat speeddates with (a) partner(s) with a different perspective, where they engage in authentic conversations

Get measurable value from data


Create awareness and engagement by offering participants a dynamic setting to exchange views on key topics


Draw on unique data-insights and compare between groups or over time to ensure better-informed decisions and tailored follow up

Get measurable value from data


Learn more about user sentiment and attitude through advanced analysis and reporting, based on sentiment-analysis, aggregated data and survey questions

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