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With Civinc you enable 25 to 2500+ employees to exchange perspectives on the topics that matter most, in sessions of less than 30 minutes.

Involve all viewpoints and source collective intelligence, with our active support at every step.

Here's how it works​

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You can use Civinc during (online, hybrid, or in-person) meetings, events, and thematic workshops. You can count on our active support in the preparation, execution and follow up, to make sure that each session is a success.

Civinc is safe and stand-alone; we do not use accounts, names or emailaddresses, ensuring a low threshold and a high degree of psychological safety and privacy
The platform is scalable with up to thousands that can participate in real-time, and in their preferred language with automated translations


(How) does Civinc help with the organization of sessions?

Most defnitely! We provide active support throughout the organization of each session for each phase:

Preparation: we set up a ‘kick-off’ meeting where we (advise on and) determine the precise set-up of the session, and provide guidance on the content (i.e. which statements and questions are used). Based on this we will plan a ‘dry run’ meeting ahead of the session where we configure the platform, do a walkthrough and finetune if necessary.

Execution: if desired Civinc can play an active role in introducing the concept to participants. We launch the session and make sure everything runs smoothly. Optionally, afterwards we can moderate a plenary follow up segment where we delve deeper into the experience and the initial data insights.

Reflection: we will produce an elaborate data report and plan a meeting to walk you through and help interpret the findings.

The anonymity of users is an essential pillar of our application. That is why we attach great importance to ensuring the privacy of users. We never ask users for a name and cannot make a link between the data we collect and data that can directly identify users, such as your name or contact details. Our customers also never receive data that can directly identify users, such as name, contact details or the content of chat conversations. We ourselves also never read the chat conversations. For more information, see our privacy statement.

In order to offer users a pleasant experience and to guarantee anonymity, we aim for a minimum number of participants of 25 in most cases.

No! Users are given a generic code to access the session through

We compile four types of anonymous data for participating organizations, which together provide insight into the sentiment surrounding the theme discussed. This creates a picture of the way in which participants view the theme, which statements are more or less contentious, and which arguments and ideas emerge.

This involves a combination of:

– General session statistics

– The responses of (groups of) participants to statements

– The responses to survey questions from (groups of) participants

– An AI analysis of the closed conversations

Yes, the Civinc platform is i.a. suitable for use with accessibility screen reading software.

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