What was the objective?

As part of a cultural transformation programme, Versuni sought to collect input from its senior leaders. Specifically, the aim was to gauge leaders’ perception of how existing values and behaviors manifest in the organization, in order to pinpoint where the focus should lie in ensuring a succesful cultural transformation.
Together with Versuni, we defined the statements that we wanted the senior leaders to respond to and discuss, in order to stimulate thinking and collect valuable input. Additionaly we identified the appropriate occassion, being a regular digital meeting format that allowed us to seamlessly integrate the Civinc intervention into an existing meeting that would not take up additional time from leaders with busy agenda’s.
During a high level meeting that saw more than 100 leaders in attendance, everyone was invited to participate in discussions on the Civinc platform about statements related to the organizational culture and specific behaviors. WIth a time investment of 20 minutes, senior leaders gave their views on the statements, were matched with a peer with a different point of view, and had the opportunity to give their honest views in countless conversations with one another. This generated rich data on senior leaders’ authentic views and the creative ideas that came up during the exchanges, which was analyzed by AI. The ensuing Civinc data report provided a clear overview of the sentiment amongst leaders and served to ensure that the cultural transformation process was better informed.

“Good engagement, and being anonymous is bringing psychological safety”
“Very helpful. Gave me some insights. Bit short though.”
“I like the privacy. It allows to let the thinking flow freely without judgement and minimize biases on the counterpart opinion”

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