What was the objective?

Vopak sought to involve colleagues on an international level in the conversation on key D&I topics, including gender equality, unconsious biases and cultural differences.
For three dedicated webinars on the different topics (one on International Women’s Day and the other two as part of Diversity Week), we organized a custom Civinc session that invited all participants to engage in safe conversations with their peers on the theme at hand. After a short intro, colleagues were invited to respond to statements on the Civinc platform and be matched instantly to co-workers with a different point of view.
Close to 500 colleagues from 5 different countries participated in the different sessions, kickstarting the conversation on key D&I themes and providing everyone who wanted to with the opportunity to engage in safe conversations and share their point of view. The sessions led to rich data-outcomes that gave insight into the sentiment on those topics, the prevailing ideas amongst colleagues, as well as notable differences between the viewpoints of groups (such as women and men).

“Civinc is a very professional startup and I’m glad I had the opportunity to work together! Civinc thinks along, is transparent about the solutions and has been able to positively trigger our organization. The users were enthusiastic about the use and anonymity of the chat environment.“ – Michelle van der Linden, Diversity & Inclusion Project Manager at Vopak

“You can have a really frank conversation. Without social barriers to say the desired opinion”
“It made me realize that men do not perceive situations as women may do.. cause they do not experience it.”
“Super nice to have an open conversation! We came to interesting ideas as well.”
“Never been so open with colleagues.”
“An eye opener resulting in personal reflection”

Let's make conversation.

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