Civinc welcomes VodafoneZiggo as launching customer

VodafoneZiggo and Civinc are joining forces with the aim to involve employees in an innovative way in the conversation on important topics within the organization. VodafoneZiggo makes unlimited use of the Civinc platform, which is designed to safely engage employees with different perspectives on key issues.

With the partnership, VodafoneZiggo can continuously use the platform for tailor-made sessions throughout the organization. In practice, this means that a meeting can be enriched by inviting employees to discuss stimulating statements about the theme in question on the Civinc platform. In this way, a webinar, a regular team meeting or a training course takes on a truly interactive character, while the anonymous data provides insight into the opinions and ideas of the participants. In addition, Civinc offers the stand-alone workshop ‘connecting perspectives’, which focuses on dealing with differing opinions on important issues.

Establishing meaningful connections is central to VodafoneZiggo’s mission, in its promise to customers but also in its way of working. Civinc’s mission to ‘connect perspectives’ fits in seamlessly with this. The partnership offers an excellent opportunity to enable meaningful conversations on important topics amongst employees, and to gain a better understanding of the overall sentiment. Whether it concerns the conversation about Diversity & Inclusion, the work culture, well-being or a transformation.

Making valuable connections, between people and for people. That’s at the core of what we do, and what kind of employer we want to be. 75% of the Dutch indicate that opposing opinions on current social issues have become stronger¹. At VodafoneZiggo, everyone should feel safe to express their own opinion(s). We want to encourage our employees to respect each other, stay true to who they are and be open to hear & accept other points of view. We’re very excited that Civinc is helping us do better with their Connecting Perspectives tool. It fits our vision on who we want to be(come) as an organization.

Marieke Zuidema, Director People Development & Leadership at VodafoneZiggo

Let's make conversation.

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