What was the objective?

ROC Noorderpoort, a big vocational education institution, set out to rethink its educational approach. Specifically, the college Health and Wellbeing sought to co-create their educational strategy together with all colleagues. This involved the ambition to collect the valuable viewpoints, experiences and ideas of everyone in the organization, as a sound basis to shape the new vision. Civinc was asked to play an integral part.
Together with the group of teachers in charge of shaping the strategical realignment, we set out to organize a session that would provide all colleagues with the opportunity to give input on the strategy. Simply by responding to statements and chatting anonymously with co-workers that held different views. The new year’s gathering that saw all 200 employees present was the perfect occassion for a Civinc intervention. Participants downloaded the Civinc Chat app and within no time were passionately exchanging views.
In a mere 20 minutes, around 200 colleagues sent close to 2000 messages on the thematic statements about the new vision. Really a pressure cooker serving up a grand mix of distinct opinions and ideas. All this input was captured by Civinc in a comprehensive report that showed exactly how colleagues felt about different themes, which needs are prevalent and which ideas or solutions they proposed. As such, the report laid the foundation for the strategic revision and was used to steer and deepen the subsequent discussions.

“Within Noorderpoort we say: with 16 schools come 16 different mini-societies. And that is characterized by a broad variety of opinions, thoughts and beliefs. With the Civinc platform our colleagues with the most diverging opinion (who normally may not be inclined to connect with each other) got to exchange thoughts on key issues. This has helped stimulate the conversation within our organization more broadly.” Esmeralda van Boon, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programme manager and Civinc product owner for Noorderpoort.

– “Surprisingly fun”
– “Important to be able to deepen the conversation like this and consider each other’s perspective”
– “Good way to be able to share your true opinion anonymously”

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