What was the objective?

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is the second most visited museum in the Netherlands. Its rich and diverse collection and their many prized exhibitions are made possible by the people working at the institution. The Rijksmuseum mentor/mentee-program is one of the many methods by which the organisation ensures that knowledge is transfered, opportunities are equal, and learning is at the core of the Rijksmuseum. For the 2023/2024 program Rijksmuseum integrated Civinc to establish meaningful dialogue and discover sentiment between and amongst mentors and mentees, and discover the ‘why’ behind the undercurrent.
Together with The Diversity Company, Civinc was used throughout the program at two key moments; as a kick-off and as a mid-way intervention to spark conversation between mentors and mentees. Among the topics discussed were the concept of generational divide (old guard vs. new guard), organisational culture of psychological safety, and practices that promote inclusivity.
During the two sessions, nearly all participants (~50 mentors and mentees) joined in a physical setting after which a plenary reflection took place. Analysis with AI extracted not only meaningful ideas, but also discovered important arguments in favor and against the different topics. This allowed leadership to learn about the reason why employees felt a certain way. This, together with output regarding expectations of the program, helped shape the rest of the mentor/mentee-program.

“We worked with Civinc during our second annual Mentor Program. By using the application at the beginning and at the end of the program, we were able to measure whether participants had grown through the program. We also used the application during the Night of History (2023). We have allowed the public to discuss statements regarding gender inequality in history. The great thing about the Civinc application is that it offers a safe environment for participants to discuss (anonymously) with each other about more controversial statements. This can contribute to greater awareness and understanding of each other’s ideas.”

“I’ve noticed that people are way less reluctant to speak out”
“Even though it started out a bit awkward, it turned out to be a great way to engage in dialogue”
“The anonymity allows me to be more open, which in turns helps to make sensitive topics discussable”

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