What was the objective?

Bringing different teams together and creating the conditions for them to collaborate effectively is easier said than done. VodafoneZiggo used Civinc with employees from Planning and Traffic, two teams with different cultures, located in different parts of the country, with the objective to increase mutual understanding and trust, and learn what bottlenecks – if any – are there to work together effectively.
A session designed by the team leads, that was used during the monthly all-hands meeting. The statements used varied from ones focusing on cooperation (“Both departments should have the same targets and responsibilities”), to statements that related more to employee well-being and culture (“There is an open and respectful culture between both departments”). Some 30+ participants joined the online session, exchanging hundreds of messages in many conversations.
Leadership was (happily) surprised by some of the outcomes, making them re-evaluate the state of progress and alowing them to focus on specific elements of the cooperation and culture. It also helped to identify certain possible bottlenecks, with the aim to nip them in the bud in time. For employees this was a welcome new way of engaging on this topic, where they felt equally heard and involved in the process.

“The session with Civinc was very valuable. Because people could speak anonymously, issues emerged that we might not have been able to bring to light in a face-to-face consultation. We have obtained valuable information that we can use as a team.”

“You can say what you want and ask what you want. It is nice that there is a choice to move on to another partner to make the session dynamic”
“This platform can be used to gain more insights into why certain things are the way they are, and how we can come together more as teams because we work closely together”
“A great way to engage in conversation without bias or assumptions”

Let's make conversation.

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