Bursting bubbles in the classroom

We help educators bring discussion on important subjects into the classroom

Teach true democratic skills

Society is increasingly divided into different (filter)bubbles. Innovative learning methods are more important than ever to broaden students’ horizons and teach them vital 21st century skills, such as critical thinking and effective communication.

Civinc allows students with different background and beliefs to engage in safe discussions about topics that really matter. That’s bursting bubbles!

Civinc Beta for teachers is live! *

*Stand-alone beta for independent teacher use is currently only available in Dutch, but tailored education sessions can be set up in both Dutch and English

The new Civinc beta environment provides teachers with the necessary tool to make important subjects discussable in a safe, exciting and measurable way. Teachers can create templates and launch sessions straight from their admin environment, giving them full control over topics, learning goals and data outcomes.

For a free beta account for teachers (Dutch), see our dedicated page.

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Some of our work and stories

High School students with conflict(ing) views

For the course ‘Drama and Speech’ at the Hyperion Lyceum Amsterdam, teachers Fenny, Anahi and Lorentine were looking for an innovative way to get 120 students to discuss an exciting theme: ‘Conflict’.


Creating a tool for pan-European exchange between vocational students

ROC van Amsterdam

350 students from ROC van Amsterdam (VET-education) burst their bubble with Civinc