The Civinc concept sprung from the conviction that even in a polarized environment, people with different beliefs are able to discuss respectfully and constructively – if only the conditions are conducive to do so.

As opposed to social media, where perverse incentives invite a toxic culture, Civinc set out to create a discussion environment void of group pressure, social desirability bias and the tendency to take up a more extreme stance in search of likes or shares.

Removing the background noise, Civinc brings discussion back to the basics: two people in an anonymous chat, matched based on a contrasting perspective. Countless testimonials attest that this set-up is the key to healthy, constructive, civil and productive discussions, often to the surprise of participants themselves.

Since its launch, Civinc has worked together with researchers to validate the merits of its concept scientifically, and the results of different studies confirm that the platform does what it intends to do: combat polarization, increase mutual understanding and provide pathways for bridge building.


Here you can find a link to the two-pager on the state of validation of the Civinc method per July 2022, including references to original studies.

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Get in touch. Request a demo.​

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