Let's make conversation.

Safely involve all perspectives in conversations on the topics that matter. Enable authentic engagement, increase mutual understanding, and understand the true sentiment.

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"People open up and are themselves. Which is beautiful."
"An eye opener resulting in personal reflection"
"I have never been so open with colleagues"
"I enjoyed it. It was engaging, raw, direct, no jargon. Authentic."
"The social filter is gone, so you can really say what’s on your mind!"
"Very nice to anonymously discuss issues. It turns out that there was more agreement than initially expected."
"Super nice to have an open conversation! We came to interesting ideas as well."
"You can have a really frank conversation. Without social barriers to say the desired opinion."
"Very enriching; could have gone on for much longer"
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We believe in the power of connecting perspectives

Our mission is to enable meaningful conversations on key topics between people with a different point of view.
Civinc is an innovative chat application that let’s you connect perspectives at scale, creating a force for impact and insight.


  • Civinc sessions offer the psychological safety that invites authentic exchanges between participants with different views


  • It allows participants to share their true opinion and seek common ground, as a proven way to increase mutual understanding & trust


  • Advanced (AI) analysis of the anonymous data offers a wealth of insights into the sentiment and ideas of participants


  • Civinc sessions enable you to truly understand the undercurrent, for better informed decisions and policy

The evidence-based conversation tool for trust and insight

Civinc is a chat application that connects people who think differently in real-time anonymous, one-on-one discussions. With Civinc, you can make any topic engaging in a safe, scalable and measurable way.  

Make conversation

Design custom sessions by choosing/editing thought-provoking statements and questions, to guide the conversation on the issues that matter

Connect perspectives

Participants go to the platform, respond to the statements and questions, and are matched real-time in anonymous, one-on-one chats with someone with a different perspective

Measure, interpret and decide

Anonymized data provide unique insights into sentiment and ideas of participants, captured by a live analytics dashboard and in a comprehensive post-session report

For Organizations

Easily involve employee perspectives in the conversation on key organizational themes. Use Civinc as a safe, scalable, and measurable way to enable authentic conversations on topics such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Culture and Change. For more engagement, mutual understanding, and unique insights into sentiment and ideas.

For Education

Civinc allows teachers to launch custom sessions for in-or-between-class use as an easy to use learning activity. The Civinc method invites safe conversations on important (and contentious) topics, and challenges students to shape their opinion in the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Civinc stems from the Waaromkiesjij.nl initiative (‘Why do you vote?’), in which voters could easily get into a conversation with someone with a different preference in the run-up to the Dutch elections in 2021. The aim was to counter polarization through anonymous one-on-one chat conversations (or ‘political speed dates’). That struck a chord with hundreds of thousands of voters! Since then, we have been on a mission to connect people with different perspectives in valuable conversations. See more info here.

The environment of the Civinc platform is designed to allow users to express their authentic opinions, even if they deviate from ‘the norm’. That is why participants are always anonymous when entering into conversations and data cannot be traced back to individual users. This gives participants the freedom and safety to express their own views, without social desirability, bias or fear of reprisal. See more info here.

In a one-on-one conversation there is no ‘audience’ watching, and that has a number of advantages. It ensures that there is no pressure to conform to the group norm, so that participants really express/form their own opinion. Fewer heels in the sand, more room for exploring similarities. This setup has the added bonus of discouraging any trolling: after all, the “audience” is limited to one partner who can move on to the next conversation at any time. See more info here.

Since its launch, Civinc has worked together with researchers to validate the merits of the concept scientifically. The results of different scientific studies confirm that the platform does what it intends to do: combat polarization, increase mutual understanding and offer pathways for bridge building. For more info see here

Most definitely! Our application is not a replacement for the physical ‘face to face’ conversation, but rather a supplement to it. In practice, it is often difficult to create a safe environment in which people can express their authentic opinion, without bias, social desirability or group pressure. Civinc has been designed to create this psychological safety. So you can use it as a conversation starter, and draw on the experience and data insights to collectively reflect on and deepen the discussion.

The anonymity of users is an essential pillar of our application. That is why we attach great importance to ensuring the privacy of users. We never ask users for a name and cannot make a link between the data we collect and data that can directly identify users, such as your name or contact details. Our customers also never receive data that can directly identify users, such as name, contact details or the content of chat conversations. We ourselves also never read the chat conversations. For more information, see our privacy statement.

Civic can be used in different ways. During a session, participants can access the session on any device (laptop/tablet/mobile), answer statements and be paired in conversations with someone with a different perspective. This means that you can use Civinc as part of all kinds of consultations, meetings, events or workshops, in a digital or physical setting! For more information see our pages for organizations and education.

There are two variants: a stand-alone or a structural collaboration.

In a stand-alone collaboration, we work together on a project basis. We jointly determine the purpose of a session around a specific occasion, and together we shape the structure and content. We actively guide the session and afterwards deliver a data report with valuable insights.

An initial stand-alone collaboration is often the prelude to a structural variant. In such an arrangement, you can make more (or unlimited) use of the Civinc platform, and we actively think along about the different ways in which it can be of value within your organization. Here too, we provide active support with the set-up, content and guidance, and we provide a data report after each session.

Some of our work and stories

Ready to make conversation? 

Then let’s talk! We will gladly show you a demo and talk about how we can help you to connect perspectives. Contact us by filling out the form below, or shoot us a message directly at hello@civinc.co.


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We will gladly show you a demo and talk about the ways in which we can help you to burst bubbles. Contact us by filling out the form below, or shoot us a message directly at hello@civinc.co.