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What was the objective?

Many organizations measure how employees are doing in the competition with an annual Employee Engagement Survey. It’s a valuable way to gain insight into things that are going well and could be improved. But such surveys often raise more questions than they answer.

What stories are hidden behind the numbers? What should be concrete follow-up actions? And: how do we actually make the insights from the survey discussable among colleagues?

These questions also arose at ManpowerGroup Netherlands, when the People & Culture team examined the insights from the annual engagement survey. From there, the desire arose to organize a Civinc session to engage employees in discussions about the most relevant survey themes, gain deeper insight into what is really going on, and thus better know where attention should be focused.
Based on the results of the MTO, we have set up a tailor-made Civinc session in collaboration. To this end, all colleagues were invited to a Teams meeting where the Director of People & Culture highlighted a number of take-aways from the MTO.

The colleagues were then challenged to discuss these themes with Civinc in a way they were not familiar with: they responded individually to statements and were linked in an anonymous chat to a colleague with a different perspective, with whom they could safely share their thoughts. to switch.

The 9 statements we used largely corresponded to those used in the survey, such as: ‘I know what choices our management makes and why’, ‘Decisions are made in a timely manner’ and ‘I know how my work contributes to the organizational goals’. In this way, the survey was made open for discussion and we were able to gain more insight into the opinions behind the positions.
In just half an hour, colleagues sent around 1,000 messages discussing the various statements. 71% of participants indicated that they felt safer giving their real opinion than in a group setting, and 84% said they could make a valuable contribution to the conversation about working at ManpowerGroup NL.

An A.I. analysis of the chat conversations then mapped out which sentiments were expressed by colleagues per statement. These insights were fed back into a report and translated into concrete follow-up actions by ManpowerGroup’s People & Culture team.

“This way we can give employees an even better voice and it provides ManpowerGroup with valuable insights. A promising pilot!”

– The tool was cool. The conversation confirmed my idea that as an organization we need much more coherent communication

– Nice way to discuss, I could now say what I wanted. Good to talk to someone about these statements. 

– Very nice way to talk to each other from different perspectives

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