What was the objective?

Successful strategies hinge on three things:
  • The sense of ownership and engagement amongst those who have to execute it
  • The ability to identify friction or bottlenecks in time
  • The potential to source the best ideas from your workforce
Precisely to meet these requirements, VodafoneZiggo convened its two hundred People Leaders to participate in a Civinc session for a discussion on the new company-wide strategy.
Civinc was used during an online all-hands meeting with all relevant People Leaders from across locations and business units, such as customer service, technology, and finance. Themes and statements included working from home, the ability to execute the new strategy, and the extent to which decision-making is sufficiently based on customer experience.

On the Civinc platform, People Leaders individually gave their views on the different statements and were matched in anonymous one-on-one chats with a fellow manager that held very different views. In this pressure cooker, countless couples safely exchanged views at the same time.
The Civinc session allowed VodafoneZiggo to actively involve their whole management layer in the conversation on the new strategy, sparking both engagement and insight.

Based on the data analysis, the session revealed that People Leaders held widely differing views on a number of different topics, including the impact of hybrid working on the strategy and performance. Segmented per directorate, leadership tapped into these insights to determine a tailored strategy execution approach that best fit the needs of different parts of the organization.

“We get a picture of the answers for each statement, as well as insights that the sessions have brought. That’s how we gauge sentiment. For example, the strategy session showed that People Leaders held widely differing views on the impact of hybrid working on the strategy and the organisation. We can now build on that. Without this session, that would not have come to the fore so clearly.”

Marieke Zuidema, Director of People Development & Leadership

  • “Normally I’d be hesitant to interact on these topics as I feel I don’t know enough about them. Now I felt the freedom (and no shame) to ask questions and put my opinion forward.”
  • “Quick getting to core of statements, easy way to understand each others viewpoint, different interpretation of statements (aha – that’s why you scored it like this). Easy questioning”

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