Build a culture of continuous conversation

Safely involve employee perspectives in the conversation on the topics that matter. For more engagement, mutual understanding, and unique insights into sentiment.

The most important topics are the most difficult to talk about

Whether it’s workplace culture, a big transition, or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, these are the topics that occupy the minds of employees.

But how do you enable meaningful conversations when employees are reluctant to voice their (true) opinion, and existing methods for dialogue are either unsafe, not scalable and/or not measurable? 

And yet, involving your employees in the conversation is a must

Without a safe environment to invite employee perspectives, these issues can undermine workplace culture and lead to:

  • Tension and conflict
  • Decreased productivity
  • Higher employee turnover

Conversations made safe, scalable and measurable

Employees are often reluctant to voice their opinion. Civinc is designed to discuss sensitive topics and reveal the undercurrent, by connecting employees with different perspectives in real time, anonymous, one-on-one conversations.


Civinc’s unique setup creates the psychological safety that enables authentic exchanges between employees with different perspectives, as a proven way to increase mutual understanding & trust


Advanced (AI) analytics of the anonymous data reveal the true sentiment, helping you to understand the undercurrent and inform higher quality policy and (ESG) reporting

Use Civinc in different ways...


Whether it’s a webinar, your regular all hands or an ad hoc meeting, Civinc allows you to safely invite everyone into the conversation


For unique interactive engagement during thematic meetings and conferences, with use of our dedicated Civinc app


Make Civinc a central part of any existing or new training or workshop to give it a truly interactive character and obtain valuable insights

... to enable continuous conversation on topics such as:

Workplace culture

A 200-strong team from Deloitte was looking for a way to spur conversation on workplace culture as part of a team outing (see here)

Diversity & Inclusion

Read more about how Civinc has been used as part of D&I training in the onboarding of the mentorship programme of the University of Amsterdam

International Women’s day

Vopak used Civinc to enable conversation about gender equity amongst hundreds of colleagues in 5 different countries (see here


VodafoneZiggo invited all managers to engage in the conversation on their new company wide strategy (see here)

Which topic would you like to bring to life in your organization?

Frequently Asked Questions

The most important themes in an organization are often the most sensitive and complex. Think of Diversity & Inclusion, Culture, Well-being, Strategy and Transformations. If you do not invite employee perspectives into the conversation on such themes, this will come back to bite you. Negative sentiments may manifest itself in the undercurrent, which can undermine the work culture. This can cause tension & conflict, lower productivity, and even higher turnover among your employees. The challenge is to create the space where employees can safely discuss such themes, while you stay in touch with what is really going on.

Using Civinc creates impact and insight by facilitating conversations about important organizational issues.

Impact: The Civinc concept is an innovative way to safely involve all relevant perspectives as it creates the psychological safety for authentic conversations on important/sensitive topics. It allows people to have different opinions. The method has been scientifically validated and helps to increase mutual understanding between people with different views.

Insight: Anonymized data from the Civinc sessions provides unique insights into participants’ sentiment and ideas, captured in a live dashboard and in a comprehensive post-session report. This helps to measure the temperature and understand the undercurrent, as a basis for better decisions.

Civinc sessions can be designed to facilitate conversations on any topic. It is well suited as a way to safely discuss sensitive issues that give rise to diverging opinions. Particularly relevant themes include Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Culture, Wellbeing, Transformations, Strategy and others.

So do you want to bring a topic to life amongst colleagues? Get in touch!

With a structural collaboration you can make regular (or unlimited) use of the Civinc platform. As part of such a collaboration, we actively think along about the different ways in which it can be of value within your organization. We provide active support with the set-up, content and guidance, and provide a data report after each session. In this way we help shape a culture that continuously invites employee perspectives on important issues and reveals the true sentiment, throughout the entire organization!

That’s excellent! Transparency and open communication is very important in any organization. But the reality is that not everyone always feels safe or comfortable expressing their opinion, especially when it comes to sensitive topics. Let alone talking to a colleague who has a different perspective, or in a larger group. Therefore, look at Civinc as complementary to, and not as a replacement for, the open dialogue. In order to lower the threshold for involvement, to give everyone a voice, and to gain insight into what really matters. Precisely that can be the springboard to open up the conversation afterwards.

It is quite a mouthful, but what makes Civinc unique is the combination of its interactive, safe, scalable and measurable character.

That is to say, with Civinc, participants are challenged to talk to someone who thinks differently, in a setting that invites authentic conversations. In this way you can bring smaller or larger (1000+) groups of employees into conversation with each other in no time at all, while obtaining tangible data insights about the real sentiment at every session.

So.. let’s make conversation!

Some of our work and stories

Enabling dialogue on gender equity for International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Vopak was looking for a way to really involve colleagues in meaningful dialogue on the theme of gender equity. Vopak hosted an inspiring webinar for hundreds of colleagues from five different countries, and asked Civinc to ensure that it had a truly interactive and engaging character for the participants.

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