Create a culture of healthy debate

We help organizations leverage the value of diverse perspectives using evidence-based conversation technology

Cultivate the power of diversity

It is well-established that diverse teams perform better, have a stronger team identity and stay at an organization longer – but only if and when this diversity can be leveraged through an inclusive company practice, proces, and culture.

Civinc connects people with diverse perspectives on key organizational issues, in an environment designed for authentic exchanges. Our evidence-based method promotes trust and engagement amongst participants, while the data provides leadership with actionable insights on sentiment and attitude.

Use Civinc to spur conversations on:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Bridge the gap between Diversity and Inclusion by creating a space where employees with different points of view can express themselves on D&I topics, learn from each other, and seek common ground

Change Management

Invite stakeholders to share their perspective on important transitions, and draw on data-insights to understand sentiments better and navigate the 'people side of change' effectively


Challenge employees by involving them in substantive deliberations, as a way to source ideas and foster ownership of your strategy or roadmap

Where to use the Civinc platform

The Civinc concept is versatile and can be used in different settings. Use Civinc:

  • As a stand-alone intervention
    Use Civinc as stand-alone activity, e.g. as part of a theme day or on the margins of a symposium or conference, to stimulate people’s thinking and draw more attention to a subject
  • As part of a workshop or training
    Use Civinc as an addition to an existing workshop or training, offering an interactive dimension that invites participants to practice ‘constructive clashes’ and to deepen thinking
  • As part of a team meeting
    Use Civinc as a low-treshold activity during your (ad hoc or regular) team meeting, to give employees the opportunity to discuss salient issues safely and freely

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Some of our work and stories

ROC Noorderpoort

Civinc spurs healthy debate on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion amongst +/- 100 professionals from ROC Noorderpoort: “With the Civinc platform our colleagues with the most diverging opinion got to exchange thoughts on key issues”